Shopping Guide

        Online Shopping Guide

  Shopping for your computer parts has never been easier! From your place, you can view information about all of our products and services.  When you found a computer parts that best suits your needs, simply proceed to the order area to make the purchase.  We accept all major brands of credit cards; just fill in the appropriate boxes and click to submit.  You are done!

On-Line ordering is secure

Normal e-mail is exposed to hackers that could potentially steal your information during the transferring process.  This is the reason why we have a dedicated Secured Socket Layer (SSL) server to encrypt and process your credit card information. 

In addition, we would verify every order received.   You should expect a call from us to confirm your order and verify the authenticity of your credit card.  Be ready, you may be asked to provide all information again for security purposes!

 You are encouraged to read our Terms & Conditions before you place your orders., we assume that you have already read and thoroughly understand and accept the terms and condition once you have placed your orders



Start Shopping

STEP 1: 

Please go to our products area.  From the drop down list you could choose to shop for a product.  Each of our product models have in-depth specifications and all the information you would need to make your choice.  Once you decide on the model you want,  just click on the "ORDER ON-LINE" button.  


Click on the ORDER ON-LINE button

STEP 2: 

The button would take you to the configuration area.  You would have the option to adjust components for your computer selected in the last step.  Through simple pull down menus, you could choose your processor speed, amount of ram, backup devices, software and much more!  Once you are happy with the configuration, enter the number of units you want to purchase and then click the "Add to CART" button. 



STEP 3: 

You have just added the item to your shopping cart! The next screen is called the "VIEW PAGE".  This page shows you all items you have added to your cart so far.  If you need to purchase other computer configurations or accessories, please use the "BACK SHOPPING"  button to go back to the products area.  



STEP 4: 

When finished shopping, you have the option to choose the type of shipping you prefer.  You also need to determine if sales tax is applicable to you.  If you are a California resident, you must click on the tax button. 

Now click on the "CHECKOUT" button to complete your order. 




Congratulations! You have reached the last area.  This page would show you the total amount of the order,  including the price of the product(s), shipping and any applicable taxes. 

You must fill in all the fields provided, including your credit card information.  Click on "FINISH" and you are done! You would see a "Thank-you" message when the order is successfully completed!

Attension !!!

Check Out, please click Paypal icon

Please double check your original part number before order it!!!

To find the shipping cost before you pay, please click Add to cart->Checkout->fill out your shipping address and choice Shipping Method ->Apply

Live chat or email us at Yahoo messenger: Call or leave voice mail 24/7 at 909-598-0240. Please leave a detailed message. We will call you back ASAP.
We ship the order in same day!