HP 400W Power Supply 51876134 (PS-6401-08HT)(Out of Stock)

400W HP Power Supply 51876134 (PS-6401-08HT) for HP Pavilion Desktop PC
400W HP Power Supply 51876134 (PS-6401-08HT) for HP Pavilion Desktop PC
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Product Description

400W HP Power Supply 51876134 (PS-6401-08HT) for HP Pavilion Desktop PC
A new OEM product of HP 5187-6134 400W Regulated Output Power Supply for HP Desktop PC

  • 80mm Fan - Thermostatically controlled fans for low acoustic noise
  • Short Circuit Protection, In-Rush Current Protection, Thermal Overload Cutoff Protection, Over-Temperature, Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Under Voltage
  • Meets ATX 12V v2.2 Specifications
Specifications table
Part / Feature Specification / Support
  • PS-6401-08HT
Part Number
  • 5187-6134
  • 80 mm
AC Input
  • 100 - 127 V/ 200 - 240 V
  • 50 - 60 Hz
  • 10A 118V, 5A 230V
DC Output
  • +3.3V 15A, +5.1V 20A, +12V1 17A, +12V2 10A, -12V 0.8A, +5VSB 2.0A
Max Power
  • 400-Watt
24 Pin Connector
  • 1 (11.5 in)
  • 2X4-Pins FDD Power (12 in, 27 in)
  • 1x4-Pin P4 Power
  • 8xPATA Power
  • 3xSATA Power
  • 1x6-pin Aux Power
  • Brand New OEM Package

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Product name HP model number(s)
HP Pavilion d4000e-2 (PY200AV) CTO Desktop PCPY200AV
HP Pavilion d4100e (PX191AV) CTO home PCPX191AV
Pavilion d1000e CTO (PU032AV)PU032AVR, PU032AV
Pavilion d1000y CTO (PU031AV)PU031AVR, PU031AV
Pavilion d4000e CTO (PX151AV)PX151AVR, PX151AV
Pavilion d4000y CTO (PX152AV)PX152AVR, PX152AV
Pavilion d4100y CTO (PX181AV)PX181AV
Presario SA4000T CTO (P8657L)P8657LR, P8657L
Presario SA4000Z CTO (P8657M)P8657MR, P8657M
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