HP/Mitsumi 176137-M33 1.44MB 3.5 inch NEW 176137-M33 Black Door Floppy Drive

HP/Mitsumi 176137-M33 1.44MB 3.5 inch NEW 176137-M33 Black Door Floppy Drive
HP/Mitsumi 176137-M33 1.44MB 3.5 inch NEW 176137-M33 Black Door Floppy Drive
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Product Description

HP/Mitsumi 176137-M33 1.44MB 3.5 inch NEW 176137-M33 Black Door Floppy Drive

The Mitsumi 3.5", 1.44MB floppy drive feature industry-leading reliability, with high quality, durable magnetic heads. Heads that are 100% designed and manufactured by Mitsumi. Mitsumi continues to enhance our designs and take advantage of the technologies including motors, PCBs, etc. The result is the Mitsumi 3.5" floppy disk, a drive that can be trusted to read and write quickly, efficiently, and reliably at the most affordable price.

Specification Table
Part / Feature Specification / Support
  • D353M3D
Product number
  • 176137-M33
  • Mitsumi
  • Floppy Disk Drive
  • Brand New OEM

Compatible products are listed below:

Product name HP model number(s)
HP Pavilion a6040tr home PC (EMEA) GB209AAGB209AAR
HP Pavilion a6060tr home PC (EMEA) GB211AAGB211AAR
HP Pavilion a6030za home PC (EMEA) GB214AAGB214AAR
HP Pavilion a6040za home PC (EMEA) GB215AAGB215AAR
HP Pavilion a6010is home PC (EMEA) GB216AAGB216AAR
HP Pavilion a6020is home PC (EMEA) GB217AAGB217AAR
HP Pavilion a6030is home PC (EMEA) GB218AA
HP Pavilion a6040is home PC (EMEA) GB219AAGB219AAR
Compaq Presario SR5045AN home PC (Asia Pacific) GB223AAGB223AAR
Compaq Presario SR5065AN home PC (Asia Pacific) GB224AAGB224AAR
Compaq Presario SR5085AN home PC (Asia Pacific) GB225AAGB225AAR
HP Pavilion a6037l home PC (Asia Pacific) GB228AA
HP Pavilion a6060d home PC (Asia Pacific) GB231AA
HP Pavilion a6058d home PC (Asia Pacific) GB232AA
HP Pavilion a6098d home PC (Asia Pacific) GB238AAGB238AAR
HP Pavilion u6009cl home PC (Asia Pacific) GB276AA
Compaq Presario SR5033HK home PC (Asia Pacific) GB284AA
HP Pavilion a6010sc home PC (EMEA) GB291AAGB291AAR
HP Pavilion a6025sc home PC (EMEA) GB294AAGB294AAR
HP Pavilion a6035se home PC (EMEA) GB319AAGB319AAR
HP Pavilion a6086tw home PC (Asia Pacific) GB342AA
Front I/O ports - 2 USB, headphone, line-in GB350AV
HP Pavilion a6020pt home PC (EMEA) GB372AAGB372AAR
Compaq Presario SR5079UK home PC (EMEA) GB391AA
HP Pavilion a6030uk home PC (EMEA) GB394AAGB394AAR
HP Pavilion a6027uk home PC (EMEA) GB399AAGB399AAR
HP Pavilion a6042de home PC (EMEA) GC295AAGC295AAR
HP Pavilion a6050de home PC (EMEA) GC300AAGC300AAR
HP Pavilion a6023sc home PC (EMEA) GC318AAGC318AAR
HP Pavilion a6082l home PC (Asia Pacific) GC322AA
HP Pavilion u5037cn home PC (Asia Pacific) GC339AA
HP Pavilion a6075it home PC (EMEA) GC374AAGC374AAR
HP Pavilion a6055it home PC (EMEA) GC376AAGC376AAR
HP Pavilion a6050y home PC GC381AV
HP Pavilion a6057c home PC GC517AAGC517AAR
HP Pavilion a6040nl home PC (EMEA) GC523AAGC523AAR
Front I/O panel - 2 USB, IEEE1394, and audio ports GC576AV
Memory card reader 15IN1 - With 4-slots GC577AV
Compaq Presario SR5075CF home PC (EMEA) GC629AA
Compaq Presario SR5095CF home PC (EMEA) GC630AA
HP Pavilion a6010de home PC (EMEA) GC644AAGC644AAR
HP Pavilion a6113w home PC GC658AAGC658AAR
HP Pavilion a6120n home PC GC670AAGC670AAR
HP Pavilion a6130n home PC GC671AAGC671AAR
HP Pavilion a6152n home PC GC672AAGC672AAR
HP Pavilion a6140a home PC (Asia Pacific) GC678AAGC678AAR
HP Pavilion a6160a home PC (Asia Pacific) GC679AAGC679AAR
HP Pavilion a6026sc home PC (EMEA) GG607AAGG607AAR
HP Pavilion a6032sc home PC (EMEA) GG625AAGG625AAR
Compaq Presario SR5139UK home PC (EMEA) GG639AAGG639AAR
HP Pavilion a6099de home PC (EMEA) GG660AA
HP Pavilion a6050is home PC (EMEA) GG668AAGG668AAR
HP Pavilion a6041me home PC (EMEA) GG669AAGG669AAR
HP Pavilion a6086it home PC (EMEA) GG733AAGG733AAR
HP Pavilion a6150y CTO home PC GG753AV
HP Pavilion a6110n home PC GG781AAGG781AAR
HP Pavilion a6170l home PC (Asia Pacific) GG783AA
HP Pavilion a6178l home PC (Asia Pacific) GG784AA
HP Pavilion a6137c home PC GG789AAGG789AAR
Compaq Presario SR5120AN home PC (Asia Pacific) GF950AAGF950AAR
Compaq Presario SR5140AN home PC (Asia Pacific) GF951AAGF951AAR
Compaq Presario SR5160AN home PC (Asia Pacific) GF952AAGF952AAR
Compaq Presario SR5180AN home PC (Asia Pacific) GF953AAGF953AAR
HP Pavilion a6110kr home PC (Asia Pacific) GF954AA
HP Pavilion a6130kr home PC (Asia Pacific) GF955AA
HP Pavilion a6140kl home PC (Asia Pacific) GF956AA
HP Pavilion a6185tw home PC (Asia Pacific) GF974AA
Compaq Presario S5133HK home PC (Asia Pacific) GF986AA
HP Pavilion a6130l home PC (Asia Pacific) GG005AA
HP Pavilion a6135 home PC (Asia Pacific) GG006AA
HP Pavilion a6155d home PC (Asia Pacific) GG008AA
HP Pavilion a6160d home PC (Asia Pacific) GG009AA
HP Pavilion a6175l home PC (Asia Pacific) GG013AA
HP Pavilion a6180l home PC (Asia Pacific) GG014AA
HP Pavilion a6185l home PC (Asia Pacific) GG015AA
HP Pavilion a6190d home PC (Asia Pacific) GG021AAGG021AAR
HP Pavilion a6198d home PC (Asia Pacific) GG022AA
HP Pavilion u6135cn home PC (Asia Pacific) GG029AA
HP Pavilion u6155cn home PC (Asia Pacific) GG030AA

HP Pavilion a6057d home PC (Asia Pacific) GG036AA
HP Pavilion a6109n home PC GG038AAGG038AAR
HP Pavilion a6112n home PC GG039AAGG039AAR
HP Pavilion a6142n home PC GG045AAGG045AAR
HP Pavilion a6177c home PC GG054AAGG054AAR
HP Pavilion a6157c home PC GG056AAGG056AAR
HP Pavilion a6033de home PC (EMEA) GG102AAGG102AAR
HP Pavilion a6034de home PC (EMEA) GG103AAGG103AAR
HP Pavilion a6046de home PC (EMEA) GG104AAGG104AAR
Compaq Presario SR5076CF home PC (EMEA) GG146AA
Compaq Presario SR5077CF home PC (EMEA) GG147AA
Compaq Presario SR5096CF home PC (EMEA) GG148AA
HP Pavilion a6011sc home PC (EMEA) GJ282AAGJ282AAR
HP Pavilion a6085it home PC (EMEA) GJ283AAGJ283AAR
HP Pavilion a6120pt home PC (EMEA) GJ298AAGJ298AAR
HP Pavilion a6110pt home PC (EMEA) GJ299AAGJ299AAR
HP Pavilion a6140uk home PC (EME) GJ316AAGJ316AAR
HP Pavilion a6130uk home PC (EMEA) GJ317AAGJ317AAR
HP Pavilion a6140sc home PC (EMEA) GJ334AAGJ334AAR
Compaq Presario SR5120SC home PC (EMEA) GJ335AAGJ335AAR
HP Pavilion a6127sc home PC (EMEA) GJ337AAGJ337AAR
HP Pavilion a6117sc home PC (EMEA) GJ339AAGJ339AAR
HP Pavilion a6138sc home PC (EMEA) GJ340AAGJ340AAR
HP Pavilion a6111sc home PC (EMEA) GJ341AAGJ341AAR
HP Pavilion a6113sc home PC (EMEA) GJ343AAGJ343AAR
HP Pavilion a6132sc home PC (EMEA) GJ349AAGJ349AAR
HP Pavilion a6118sc home PC (EMEA) GJ353AAGJ353AAR
Pavilion a6130.at (Europe) GJ374AAGJ374AAR
HP Pavilion a6155at home PC (EMEA) GJ376AAGJ376AAR
HP Pavilion a6140at home PC (EMEA) GJ377AAGJ377AAR
Pavilion a6145.at (Europe) GJ378AAGJ378AAR
HP Pavilion a6120be home PC (EMEA) GJ380AAGJ380AAR
HP Pavilion a6140be home PC (EME) GJ381AAGJ381AAR
HP Pavilion a6105de home PC (EMEA) GJ385AAGJ385AAR
HP Pavilion a6133de home PC (EMEA) GJ387AAGJ387AAR
HP Pavilion a6134de home PC (EMEA) GJ388AAGJ388AAR
HP Pavilion a6141de home PC (EMEA) GJ389AAGJ389AAR
HP Pavilion a6142de home PC (EMEA) GJ390AAGJ390AAR
HP Pavilion a6110nl home PC (EMEA) GJ399AAGJ399AAR
HP Pavilion a6140nl home PC (EMEA) GJ400AAGJ400AAR
HP Pavilion a6110ch home PC (EMEA) GJ404AAGJ404AAR
HP Pavilion a6115ch home PC (EMEA) GJ405AA
HP Pavilion a6120ch home PC (EMEA) GJ408AAGJ408AAR
HP Pavilion a6125ch home PC (EMEA) GJ411AAGJ411AAR
HP Pavilion a6110cs home PC (EMEA) GJ427AAGJ427AAR
HP Pavilion a6120cs home PC (EMEA) GJ428AAGJ428AAR
HP Pavilion a6130cs home PC (EMEA) GJ429AAGJ429AAR
HP Pavilion a6140cs home PC (EMEA) GJ430AAGJ430AAR
HP Pavilion a6110gr home PC (EMEA) GJ431AAGJ431AAR
HP Pavilion a6120gr home PC (EMEA) GJ432AAGJ432AAR
HP Pavilion a6130gr home PC (EMEA) GJ433AAGJ433AAR
HP Pavilion a6140gr home PC (EMEA) GJ434AAGJ434AAR
HP Pavilion a6110is home PC (EMEA) GJ435AAGJ435AAR
HP Pavilion a6120is home PC (EMEA) GJ436AAGJ436AAR
HP Pavilion a6130is home PC (EMEA) GJ437AAGJ437AAR
HP Pavilion a6110za home PC (EMEA) GJ440AAGJ440AAR
HP Pavilion a6120za home PC (EMEA) GJ441AAGJ441AAR
HP Pavilion a6140za home PC (EMEA) GJ443AAGJ443AAR
HP Pavilion a6120me home PC (EMEA) GJ444AAGJ444AAR
HP Pavilion a6130me home PC (EMEA) GJ445AAGJ445AAR
HP Pavilion a6130tr home PC (EMEA) GJ450AAGJ450AAR
HP Pavilion a6110pl home PC (EMEA) GJ453AAGJ453AAR
HP Pavilion a6120pl home PC (EMEA) GJ454AAGJ454AAR
HP Pavilion a6130pl home PC (EMEA) GJ455AAGJ455AAR
Pavilion a6150.pl (Europe) GJ456AAGJ456AAR
HP Pavilion a6130ru home PC (EMEA) GJ460AAGJ460AAR
HP Pavilion a6150ru home PC (EMEA) GJ462AAGJ462AAR
HP Pavilion a6160ru home PC (EMEA) GJ463AA
HP Pavilion a6170ru home PC (EMEA) GJ464AAGJ464AAR
HP Pavilion a6180ru home PC (EMEA) GJ465AAGJ465AAR
HP Pavilion a6140pl home PC (EMEA) GJ466AAGJ466AAR
HP Pavilion a6150tw home PC (Asia Pacific) GL196AA
HP Pavilion a6135tw home PC (Asia Pacific) GL198AA
HP Pavilion a6036tw home PC (Asia Pacific) GL266AA
HP Pavilion a6123w home PC GL307AAGL307AAR
HP Pavilion a6118l home PC (Asia Pacific) GL312AA
HP Pavilion a6095it home PC (EMEA) GL314AAGL314AAR
HP Pavilion a6030be home PC (EMEA) GL317AAGL317AAR
HP Pavilion a6175it home PC (EMEA) GL334AAGL334AAR
Pavilion a6155.it (Italy) GL336AAGL336AAR
HP Pavilion a6195it home PC (EMEA) GL338AAGL338AAR
HP Pavilion a6185it home PC (EMEA) GL340AAGL340AAR
HP Pavilion a6165it home PC (EMEA) GL342AAGL342AAR
HP Pavilion a6135it home PC (EMEA) GL344AAGL344AAR
Pavilion a6146.it (Italy) GL346AAGL346AAR
Compaq Presario SR5115CF home PC (Asia Pacific) GL378AV
Compaq Presario SR5112CF home PC (Asia Pacific) GL379AV
HP Pavilion a6167c home PC GM276AAGM276AAR
HP Pavilion a6140it home PC (EMEA) GM289AAGM289AAR
HP Pavilion a6130it home PC (EMEA) GM290AAGM290AAR
HP Pavilion a6120it home PC (EMEA) GM291AAGM291AAR
HP Pavilion a6110it home PC (EMEA) GM292AAGM292AAR
HP Pavilion a6165de home PC (EMEA) GM293AAGM293AAR
HP Pavilion a6010uk home PC (EMEA) GM295AAGM295AAR
HP Pavilion a6100it home PC (EMEA) GM348AAGM348AAR
Compaq Presario SR5098CF home PC (Asia Pacific) GM354AA
Compaq Presario SR5099CF home PC (Asia Pacific) GM355AA
HP Media Center m8170fr home PC (EMEA) GM358AA
Pavilion a6114x Desktop PC GM367AAGM367AAR
HP Pavilion a6114ch home PC (EMEA) GM378AAGM378AAR
Compaq Presario SR5147ES home PC (EMEA) GM427AAGM427AAR
HP Pavilion a6150uk home PC (EMEA) GM431AAGM431AAR
Pavilion a6145.be (Europe) GM446AAGM446AAR
Compaq Presario SR5181CF home PC (Asia Pacific) GM448AAGM448AAR
Compaq Presario SR5182CF home PC (Asia Pacific) GM449AAGM449AAR
HP Pavilion a6200n home PC GN556AAGN556AAR
HP Pavilion a6213w home PC GN558AAGN558AAR
HP Pavilion a6220n home PC GN559AAGN559AAR
HP Pavilion a6223w home PC GN560AAGN560AAR
HP Pavilion a6230n home PC GN561AAGN561AAR
HP Pavilion a6237c home PC GN562AAGN562AAR
HP Pavilion a6125it home PC (EMEA) GN602AAGN602AAR
Front panel- 2 USB, 1394, headphone and mic jacks GN625AV
Memory card reader- 15-in1, 2 USB, 1394 GN626AV
HP Pavilion a6250t (CTO) home PC GN635AV
HP Pavilion a6210la home PC (Latin America) GN656AA
HP Pavilion a6230la home PC (Latin America) GN657AAGN657AAR
Compaq Presario SR5123CF home PC (Asia Pacific) GN675AA
HP Pavilion a6160it home PC (EMEA) GN676AAGN676AAR
HP Pavilion a6129it home PC (EMEA) GN677AAGN677AAR
HP Pavilion a6202n home PC GN696AAGN696AAR
Pavilion a6214x Desktop PC GN697AAGN697AAR
HP Pavilion a6212n home PC GN699AAGN699AAR
HP Pavilion a6219h home PC GN701AAGN701AAR
HP Pavilion a6244n home PC GN702AAGN702AAR
Pavilion a6228x Desktop PC GN703AAGN703AAR
HP Pavilion a6234x home PC GN704AAGN704AAR
Pavilion a6238x Desktop PC GN705AAGN705AAR
HP Pavilion a6242n home PC GN706AAGN706AAR
HP Pavilion a6248x home PC GN707AAGN707AAR
HP Pavilion a6257c home PC GN709AAGN709AAR
HP Pavilion a6156fr home PC (EMEA) GN724AAGN724AAR
Compaq Presario SR5135NL home PC (EMEA) GN732AAGN732AAR
HP Pavilion a6240a home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ560AAGQ560AAR
HP Pavilion a6260a home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ561AAGQ561AAR
Compaq Presario SR5220AN home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ565AAGQ565AAR
Compaq Presario SR5240AN home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ566AAGQ566AAR
Compaq Presario SR5260AN home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ567AAGQ567AAR
Compaq Presario SR5280AN home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ568AAGQ568AAR
Pavilion a6278l (Asia Pacific) GQ572AA
Pavilion a6282l (Asia Pacific) GQ573AA
Pavilion a6285l (Asia Pacific) GQ574AA
HP Pavilion a6240kl home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ480AA
Pavilion u6235cn Home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ588AA
Pavilion u6255cn Home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ589AA
HP Pavilion a6150it home PC (EMEA) GQ605AAGQ605AAR
HP Pavilion a6115pt home PC (EMEA) GQ608AAGQ608AAR
Pavilion a6235tw (Asia Pacific) GS183AA
Pavilion a6240tw (Taiwan) GS184AA
Pavilion a6245tw (Taiwan) GS185AA
Pavilion a6250tw (Taiwan) GS186AA
Pavilion a6260d (Asia Pacific) GS202AA
Compaq Presario SR5262NX CTO home PC (Asia Pacific GS251AV
Compaq Presario SR5210CF CTO home PC (Asia Pacific GS254AV
Compaq Presario SR5211CF CTO home PC (Asia Pacific GS255AV
HP Pavilion a6175de home PC (EMEA) GS261AA

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