KB208BK Two Color (Blue / Red) Character-Illuminated keyboard

KB208BK Two Color (Blue / Red) Character-Illuminated keyboard
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Product Description

Description: Simplicity, Elegance and Fashionable Illumination!

This revolutionary two color (Blue/Red) LED character-Illuminated Keyboard can light up the characters either in blue or in red, just press the ILLUMINATION button located on the right top corner above the numeric keys.

It is also an ultra slim, soft touch two-tone black keyboard which has all the frequently used multimedia and internet hot keys handily located at the reach of your fingers. The keyboard features large size ENER key and double size BACK SPACE, and extra size palm rest pad built in a dialer for brightness/dimness control. The ultra slim design with glossy black and matt black paint combination give it a contemporary look with elegance.

Just like most of Logisys keyboards, the keyboard has a long cord, about 7 feet with USB and PS2 plugs. Interface USB + PS2

Operating System Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/NT/


Data Total Travel (mm) 2.5mm▒0.5(mm)

Travel to Peak (mm) 1.5▒0.5 (mm)

Peak Force(g) 55 ▒7gm

Switch life 5 million life cycles

Weight ( kg) 850g

Dimension (mm) 495*215*30mm

Supply Voltage and Current +5VDC▒5% @100MA

Agency approval

Operating Temp 0║+ 55║C

Storage Temp -20║+ 65C

Operating humidity 10% + 95% RH


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