HP 5188-2605 TS-H292 CD-ReWritable

HP 5188-2605 TS-H292 CD-ReWritable
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HP P/N#: 5188-2605

Samsung TS-H292

Samsung CD Re-Writers are equipped with innovative techniques to guarantee optimal quality in reading, writing and re-writing CD-ROM's.

Type of Drive: Internal CD-RW IDE Drive

Load Type: Tray

Drive Read Speed: CD-ROM read speed - 52x

Drive Write Speed:

CD-R - 52x

CD-RW - 32x

Buffer: 2MB

Average Access Time: 110 ms

Interface: E-IDE/ATAPI interface


Buffer Under Run Free Technology Reduces noise and vibration with DVA (Dynamic Vibration Absorber) Supports Variable Packet (CD-R), Variable and Fixed Packet (CD-RW) Read/Write Supports Ultra DMA Mode 2 Supports Mt. Rainier

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