300W HP POWER SUPPLY 5188-2625 for HP Pavilion Desktop PC, HP Media Center, Compaq Presario

300W HP POWER SUPPLY 5188-2625 for HP Pavilion Desktop PC, HP Media Center, Compaq Presario
300W HP POWER SUPPLY 5188-2625 for HP Pavilion Desktop PC, HP Media Center, Compaq Presario
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Product Description

300W HP POWER SUPPLY 5188-2625 for HP Pavilion Desktop PC, HP Media Center, Compaq Presario
Power Supply DLT300AB19A 300W; HP 5188-2625 is Designed for the value-minded customer seeking simple, quiet performance, this ATX power supply acclaimed reliability and feature-sets with a lower price point. It focuses on performance, quality, and quiet operation. Even at peak loads, it remains virtually silent and features a standard ATX power supply form factor resulting in a compact footprint to accommodate virtually all computer towers. With a sustained output of 300W and +12V rails to provide uniform distribution of power and well-suited for driving today's latest systems.

  • Hewlett-Packard Technology with Delta Electronics manufacturer
  • Internal 80mm fan
  • ATX12V v2.2 and EPS12V
  • Connect All universal connectors
  • Overvoltage / Overcurrent / Short-Circuit protection
  • Active PFC
Specifications table
Part / Feature Specification / Support
Part number
  • 5188-2625
  • DLT300AB19A 02 F
  • Delta Electronics, Inc
  • DPS-300AB-19 A
AC Input
  • 115 (100-127V) /230 (200-240V )VAC
  • 47-63 Hz
  • 7/4 A
DC Output
  • +12V/1.0-19.0A ; -12V/0.0-0.8A
  • +5V/1.0-30A ; +5VSB/0-2.0A
  • +3.3V/ 05-28 A
Max Power
  • 300 W
24 Pin Connector
  • 1
4-Pin Floppy Connector
  • 1
SATA Connector
  • 2
Peripheral power connector
  • 5
ATX12V connector
  • 1
  • Brand New OEM Package

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HP Pavilion w5520la home PC (LA) EX415AAEX415AAR
HP Pavilion w5530la home PC (LA) EX416AAEX416AAR
HP Media Center m7540la home PC (LA) EX418AAEX418AAR
HP Media Center m7550la home PC (LA) EX419AAEX419AAR
Compaq Presario SR1903LS home PC (LA) EX422AA
Compaq Presario SR1917LS home PC (LA) EX424AA
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Compaq Presario SR1930KR home PC (Asia Pacific) EZ059AA
Compaq Presario SR2102LS home PC (Latin America) GB408AA
HP Pavilion a1581kr home PC (Asia Pacific) GC311AA
HP Pavilion a1591kr home PC (Asia Pacific) GC312AA
HP Pavilion a6000y home PC GC358AV
HP Pavilion a6010e home PC GC359AV
HP Pavilion a6005y home PC GC380AV
HP Pavilion a6050y home PC GC381AV
HP Pavilion a6050e home PC GC382AV
HP Pavilion a1581kl home PC (Asia Pacific) GC603AA
HP Pavilion a1591kl home PC (Asia Pacific) GC604AA
HP Pavilion a6152n home PC GC672AAGC672AAR
HP Media Center m8100n home PC GC673AAGC673AAR
HP Media Center m8120n home PC GC674AAGC674AAR
HP Media Center m8150n home PC GC676AAGC676AAR
HP Pavilion a6110kr home PC (Asia Pacific) GF954AA
HP Pavilion a6130kr home PC (Asia Pacific) GF955AA
HP Pavilion a6140kl home PC (Asia Pacific) GF956AA
HP Media Center m8160kr home PC (Asia Pacific) GF966AA
Compaq Presario SR5120KR home PC (Asia Pacific) GF968AA
HP Pavilion a6119h home PC GG041AAGG041AAR
HP Pavilion a6177c home PC GG054AAGG054AAR
HP Pavilion a6140br home PC (Latin America) GG655AA
HP Pavilion a6100la home PC (Latin America) GG708AA
HP Media Center m8160LA home PC (Latin America) GG710AA
Compaq Presario SR5117LA home PC (Latin America) GG715AA
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HP Pavilion a6230la home PC (Latin America) GN657AA
Compaq Presario SR5215LA home PC (Latin America) GN662AA
Compaq Presario SR5217LA home PC (Latin America) GN663AA
Compaq Presario SR5220LA home PC (Latin America) GN664AA
HP Pavilion a6210br home PC (Latin America) GN684AA
Pavilion Media Center m8204x Desktop PC GN687AA
Pavilion Media Center m8226x Desktop PC GN688AAGN688AAR
HP Pavilion Media Center m8277c home PC GN689AAGN689AAR
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9058n home PC GN693AAGN693AAR
HP Pavilion a6210kr home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ478AA
HP Pavilion a6230kr home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ479AA
HP Pavilion a6240kl home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ480AA
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9047c home PC GQ498AAGQ498AAR
HP Pavilion v7228hk home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ620AA
HP Pavilion v7248hk home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ621AA
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9038hk home PC (AP GQ622AA
Pavilion a6240tw (Taiwan) GS184AA
Pavilion a6250tw (Taiwan) GS186AA
Pavilion Elite m9095tw (Taiwan) GS189AA
Presario SR5160KL Desktop PC (Asia Pacific) GT669AA
Compaq Presario SR5225LA home PC (Latin America) GV439AA
HP Pavilion a6235x home PC GV447AAGV447AAR
HP Pavilion a6245n home PC GV465AAGV465AAR
HP Media Center m8300f home PC GX611AAGX611AAR
HP Media Center m8330f home PC GX612AAGX612AAR
HP Pavilion a6330f home PC GX614AAGX614AAR
HP Pavilion a6211la home PC (LA) GX621AA
HP Media Center m7277kl home PC (Asia Pacific) GX660AA
HP Pavilion a6340de home PC (Latin America) GX670AA
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9160br home PC GX671AA
HP Pavilion a6310br home PC (Latin America) GX672AA
HP Pavilion a6330br home PC (Latin America) GX674AA
HP Pavilion a6327br home PC (Latin America) GX675AA
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9150la home PC GX703AA
HP Pavilion a6300la home PC (Latin America) GX705AA
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HP Pavilion a6311a home PC (Latin America) GX707AA
HP Pavilion a6330a home PC (Latin America) GX708AA
Compaq Presario SR5315LA home PC (LA) GX714AA
Compaq Presario SR5317LA home PC (LA) GX715AA
Compaq Presario SR5320LA home PC (LA) GX716AA
Compaq Presario SR5325LA home PC (LA) GX717AA
HP Pavilion a6345f home PC GZ614AA
HP Pavilion v7315kr home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ652AA
HP Pavilion v7320kr home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ653AA
HP Pavilion v7325kr home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ654AA
HP Pavilion v7330kr home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ655AA
HP Pavilion v7335kr home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ656AA
HP Pavilion v7355kr home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ657AA
HP Pavilion v7365kr home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ658AA
Compaq Presario SR5340KL home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ661AA
HP Pavilion a6335tw home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ671AA
HP Pavilion a6350tw home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ674AA
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9138hk home PC GZ759AA
Compaq Presario SR5353HK home PC (Asia Pacific) KC678AA
HP Pavilion a6221br home PC (Latin America) KC713AA
HP Pavilion a6350z CTO home PC KC831AV
HP Pavilion Media Center m8307c home PC KC878AA
HP Pavilion a6350la home PC (Latin America) KE526AA
HP Pavilion Media Center m8357c home PC KE568AAKE568AAR
HP Pavilion a6352f home PC KE570AA
HP Pavilion Media Center m8325f home PC KE571AA
HP Pavilion a6347c home PC KE620AAKE620AAR
HP Pavilion Media Center m8327c home PC KE637AA
HP Pavilion a6332f home PC KJ169AA
HP Pavilion a6402f Desktop PC KJ296AAKJ296AAR
HP Pavilion a6414f Desktop PC KJ299AA
HP Pavilion a6419fh Desktop PC KJ301AA
HP Pavilion a6434f Desktop PC KJ303AAKJ303AAR
HP Pavilion a6452f Desktop PC KJ307AAKJ307AAR
HP Pavilion Elite m9220.kr Desktop PC KJ343AA
Compaq Presario SR5420KL Desktop PC KJ344AA
Compaq Presario SR5440KL home PC (Asia Pacific) KJ345AAKJ346AA
HP Pavilion Elite m9238hk Desktop PC KJ362AA
HP Pavilion Elite m9258hk Desktop PC KJ364AA
HP Media Center m8430f home PC KJ376AAKJ376AAR
HP Media Center m8400f home PC KJ377AAKJ377AAR
HP Pavilion a6430f home PC KJ378AAKJ378AAR
HP Pavilion a6450z CTO Desktop PC KL646AV
HP Pavilion Media Center m8407c Desktop PC KN226AAKN226AAR
HP Pavilion a6457c Desktop PC KN228AA
HP Pavilion a6400la Desktop PC (Latin America) KN275AA
HP Pavilion a6410la Desktop PC (Latin America) KN276AA
HP Pavilion a6411a Desktop PC (Latin America) KN277AA
HP Pavilion a6430a Desktop PC (Latin America) KN278AA
HP Pavilion a6450a Desktop PC (Latin America) KN279AA
Compaq Presario SR5415LA Desktop PC (LA) KN284AA
Compaq Presario SR5417LA Desktop PC (LA) KN285AA
HP Pavilion a6440tw Desktop PC KN324AA
HP Pavilion a6450tw Desktop PC (Asia Pacific) KN326AA
HP Pavilion a6355tw home PC (Asia Pacific) KN404AA
Compaq Presario SR5420LA Desktop PC (LA) KQ248AA
Compaq Presario SR5425LA Desktop PC (LA) KQ249AA
HP Pavilion Elite m9360br Desktop PC (LA) KQ256AA
HP Pavilion a6510br Desktop PC (LA) KQ257AA
HP Pavilion a6515br Desktop PC (LA) KQ258AA
HP Pavilion a6530br Desktop PC (LA) KQ259AA
HP Pavilion a6540br Desktop PC (LA) KQ260AA
HP Pavilion Elite m9290tw Desktop PC KQ282AA
HP Pavilion Elite m9292tw Desktop PC (AP) KQ283AA
HP Pavilion a6407c Desktop PC KQ422AA
HP Pavilion a6405la Desktop PC (LA) KQ463AA
HP Pavilion a6400z CTO Desktop PC KT606AV
Compaq Presario SR2030T CTO home PC RB039AV
Compaq Presario SR2000Z CTO home PC RB040AV
Compaq Presario SR2030Z CTO home PC RB041AV
HP Pavilion a1410y home PC RB042AV
HP Pavilion a1620y home PC RB044AV
HP Pavilion a1650y home PC RB045AV
HP Pavilion a1524n home PC RB059AARB059AAR
HP Pavilion a1500kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RB060AA
Compaq Presario SR1913WM home PC RB094AARB094AAR
Compaq Presario SR1923WM home PC RB101AARB101AAR
HP Pavilion a1547c home PC RB103AARB103AAR
Compaq Presario SR1934NX home PC RB120AARB120AAR
HP Pavilion a1620e CTO home PC RC495AV
HP Pavilion a1532n home PC RC524AARC524AAR
HP Pavilion a1542n home PC RC525AARC525AAR
Compaq Presario SR1920LA home PC RC537AA
HP Pavilion a1501kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RC539AA
HP Pavilion a1511kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RC540AA
HP Pavilion a1551kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RC542AA
HP Pavilion a1571kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RC543AA
HP Media Center m7531kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RC550AA
HP Media Center m7551kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RC551AA
HP Media Center m7571kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RC552AA
HP Media Center m7591kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RC554AA
Compaq Presario SR1931KR home PC (Asia Pacific) RC556AA
HP Media Center m7657c home PC RC640AARC640AAR
HP Media Center m7667c home PC RC643AARC643AAR
HP Pavilion a1626n home PC RC646AARC646AAR
HP Media Center m7680n home PC RC647AARC647AAR
HP Media Center m7690n home PC RC648AARC648AAR
HP Media Center m7684n home PC RC649AARC649AAR
HP Pavilion a1647c home PC RC650AARC650AAR
HP Pavilion a1610n home PC RC652AARC652AAR
HP Pavilion a1612n home PC RC653AARC653AAR
HP Pavilion a1620n home PC RC655AARC655AAR
HP Pavilion a1624n home PC RC656AARC656AAR
HP Pavilion a1630n home PC RC658AARC658AAR
HP Pavilion a1632x home PC RC659AARC659AAR
HP Pavilion a1640n home PC RC663AARC663AAR
HP Pavilion a1642x home PC RC664AARC664AAR
HP Pavilion Media Center a1654n Desktop PC RC666AARC666AAR
HP Pavilion a1657c home PC RC667AARC667AAR
HP Pavilion a1677c home PC RC669AARC669AAR
Compaq Presario SR2050NX home PC RE476AARE476AAR
Compaq Presario SR2039X home PC RE477AARE477AAR
Compaq Presario SR1901LS home PC (Latin America)) RE481AA
Compaq Presario SR1954NX home PC RE482AARE482AAR
HP Pavilion a1650e CTO home PC RF167AV
HP Pavilion a1600la home PC (Latin America) RF175AARF175AAR
HP Pavilion w5610la home PC (Latin America) RF176AA
HP Pavilion w5630la home PC (Latin America) RF178AARF178AAR
HP Media Center m7640la home PC (LA) RF181AARF181AAR
HP Media Center m7650la home PC (LA) RF182AA
Compaq Presario SR2001LS home PC (LA) RF183AA
Compaq Presario SR2003LS home PC (LA) RF185AA
Compaq Presario SR2005LA home PC (LA) RF186AA
Compaq Presario SR2015LA home PC (LA) RF187AA
Compaq Presario SR2017LA home PC (LA) RF188AA
Compaq Presario SR2018LA home PC (LA) RF189AA
Compaq Presario SR2020LA home PC (LA) RF190AARF190AAR
Compaq Presario SR1936X home PC RF241AARF241AAR
HP Media Center m7640n home PC RF243AARF243AAR
HP Media Center m7650n home PC RF254AARF254AAR
HP Pavilion a1580kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RF286AA
Compaq Presario SR2011WM home PC RF800AARF800AARRF800ASRF800ASR
HP Pavilion a1623w home PC RF810AARF810AAR
HP Pavilion a1555kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RF817AA
HP Pavilion a1560kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RF818AA
HP Pavilion a1517x home PC RF820AARF820AAR
HP Media Center m7630la home PC (LA) RH971AARH971AAR
HP Pavilion a1510y (CTO) home PC RJ028AV
HP Pavilion a1750y (CTO) home PC RJ030AV
HP Pavilion a1600n home PC RJ181AARJ181AAR
HP Pavilion a1619h home PC RJ768AARJ768AAR
HP Pavilion a1637c home PC RJ774AARJ774AAR
HP Pavilion a1613w home PC RJ788AARJ788AAR
HP Media Center m7674n home PC RK505AARK505AAR
Compaq Presario SR2044NX home PC RK519AARK519AAR
HP Pavilion a1723w home PC RK537AARK537AAR
Compaq Presario SR2163WM home PC RK545AARK545AAR
Compaq Presario SR2180NX home PC RK548AARK548AAR
Compaq Presario SR2170NX home PC RK549AARK549AAR
HP Pavilion a1648x home PC RK551AARK551AAR
Compaq Presario SR2001NX home PC RK553AARK553AAR
HP Pavilion a1644x home PC RK558AARK558AAR
HP Media Center m7750n home PC RK569AARK569AAR
HP Media Center m7760n home PC RK570AARK570AAR
HP Media Center m7780n home PC RK571AARK571AAR
HP Pavilion a1700n home PC RK572AARK572AAR
HP Pavilion a1710n home PC RK573AARK573AAR
HP Pavilion a1730n home PC RK574AARK574AAR
Compaq Presario SR2006NX home PC (EMEA) RK580AARK580AAR
Compaq Presario Media Center SR2038X Desktop PC RK581AARK581AAR
Compaq Presario SR2054X home PC RK582AARK582AAR
HP Media Center m7658n home PC RN638AARN638AAR
HP Media Center m7664x home PC RN650AARN650AAR
Compaq Presario SR2177CL home PC RN653AARN653AAR
HP Pavilion a1747c home PC RN661AARN661AAR
HP Pavilion a1737c home PC RN663AARN663AAR
HP Media Center m7767c home PC RN665AARN665AAR
HP Media Center m7757c home PC RN667AARN667AAR
HP Pavilion a1520e (CTO) home PC RP824AV
VL420 RP826AV
HP Pavilion a1726x home PC RQ399AARQ399AAR
HP Pavilion a1712n home PC RQ401AARQ401AAR
HP Pavilion a1719n home PC RQ403AARQ403AAR
HP Pavilion a1748x home PC RQ407AARQ407AAR
HP Media Center m7760LA home PC RQ410AA
Compaq Presario SR2175X home PC RQ414AARQ414AAR
HP Pavilion a1744x home PC RQ418AARQ418AAR
HP Media Center m7750LA home PC RQ422AA
HP Pavilion w5735LA home PC RQ423AA
HP Media Center m7730LA home PC RQ425AA
HP Pavilion w5710LA home PC RQ427AA
HP Pavilion a1700LA home PC RQ428AA
Compaq Presario SR2120LA home PC RQ431AA
Compaq Presario SR2118LA home PC RQ432AA
Compaq Presario SR2117LA home PC RQ433AA
Compaq Presario SR2115LA home PC RQ434AA
Compaq Presario SR2105LA home PC RQ435AA
Compaq Presario SR2120LS home PC RQ436AA
Compaq Presario SR2101LS home PC RQ437AA
HP Pavilion a5015kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RQ458AA
HP Pavilion a5025kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RQ459AA
HP Pavilion a5058kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RQ460AA
HP Pavilion a5075kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RQ461AA
HP Media Center m8055kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RQ469AA
HP Media Center m8071kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RQ470AA
HP Media Center m8085kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RQ471AA
HP Media Center m7659n home PC RR541AARR541AAR
HP Pavilion a1616n home PC RR542AARR542AAR
HP Pavilion Media Center w5630LA home PC RR543AARR543AAR
HP Pavilion a1646x home PC RR789AARR789AAR
Compaq Presario SR2104LA home PC (Latin America) RR791AA
HP Pavilion a1606n home PC RS910AARS910AAR
HP Pavilion a1575kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RS966AA
Compaq Presario SR2041X home PC RT543AA
HP Pavilion a1705la home PC (Latin America) RT579AA
Compaq Presario SR1935KR home PC (Asia Pacific) RT603AA
HP Media Center m7747c home PC RT680AART680AAR
HP Media Center m7763w home PC RT692AART692AAR
HP Pavilion a6025br home PC (Latin America) RX877AA
HP Pavilion a6030br home PC (Latin America) RX878AA
HP Media Center m8050br home PC (Latin America) RX879AA
HP Media Center m8060br home PC (Latin America) RX880AA
HP Media Center m8000n home PC RX881AARX881AAR
HP Media Center m8013w home PC RX882AARX882AAR
HP Media Center m8020n home PC RX883AARX883AAR
HP Media Center m8040n home PC RX884AARX884AAR
HP Pavilion a6000n home PC RX885AARX885AAR
HP Pavilion a6013w home PC RX886AARX886AAR
HP Pavilion a6030n home PC RX887AARX887AAR
Compaq Presario SR5050NX home PC RX897AARX897AAR
HP Media Center m8034n home PC RY866AARY866AAR
HP Media Center m8047c home PC RY867AARY867AAR
HP Media Center m8067c home PC RY869AARY869AAR
HP Pavilion a6028x home PC RY873AARY873AAR
Compaq Presario SR5034X home PC RY885AARY885AAR
Compaq Presario SR2264WM home PC RY887AARY887AAR
HP Pavilion a6040br home PC (Latin America) RZ405AA
HP Pavilion a6000la home PC (Latin America) RZ442AA
HP Pavilion a6030la home PC (Latin America) RZ445AA
HP Pavilion a6035la home PC (Latin America) RZ446AA
HP Media Center m8050la home PC (Latin America) RZ449AA
Compaq Presario SR5020LA home PC (Latin America) RZ457AA
HP Pavilion a6015kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RZ523AA
HP Pavilion a6025kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RZ524AA
HP Media Center m8056kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RZ538AA
HP Media Center m8076kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RZ539AA
HP Media Center m8086kr home PC (Asia Pacific) RZ540AA

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