HP 5188-6229 branded mouse - PS/2 connector (Worldwide)

HP 5188-6229 branded mouse - PS/2 connector (Worldwide)
HP 5188-6229 branded mouse - PS/2 connector (Worldwide)
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Product Description

Part number 5188-6229 is used in the product models listed below.

Product Model

HP Pavilion a6009n home PC GC515AAGC515AAR
HP Pavilion s3012n Slimline home PC GC519AA
HP multimedia keyboard plus HP PS/2 scroll mouse GC582AV
Multimedia PS/2 keyboard (Katydid) and mouse GC585AV
HP PS/2 ball mouse GC622AV
HP Pavilion s3123w Slimline home PC GC659AAGC659AAR
HP Pavilion s3120n Slimline home PC GC665AAGC665AAR
HP Pavilion a6120n home PC GC670AAGC670AAR
HP Pavilion a6130n home PC GC671AAGC671AAR
HP Pavilion a6152n home PC GC672AAGC672AAR
HP Pavilion a6109n home PC GG038AAGG038AAR
HP Pavilion a6112n home PC GG039AAGG039AAR
HP Pavilion a6119h home PC GG041AAGG041AAR
HP Pavilion a6142n home PC GG045AAGG045AAR
Pavilion Media Center PC m8100y (CTO) GG755AV
HP Pavilion s3100y CTO Slimline home PC GG758AV
HP Pavilion s3100e CTO Slimline home PC GG759AV
HP Pavilion a6110n home PC GG781AAGG781AAR
HP Pavilion s3127c Slimline home PC GG787AAGG787AAR
HP Pavilion s3100n Slimline home PC GJ474AAGJ474AAR
HP Pavilion s3122x Slimline home PC GM286AAGM286AAR
Pavilion a6114x Desktop PC GM367AAGM367AAR
HP Media Center m8125x home PC GM441AAGM441AAR
HP Pavilion a6118x home PC GN587AAGN587AAR
HP Pavilion a6200t (CTO) home PC GN632AV
HP Pavilion a6205t (CTO) home PC GN633AV
HP Pavilion a6210z (CTO) home PC GN634AV
HP Pavilion a6250t (CTO) home PC GN635AV
HP Pavilion a6250z (CTO) home PC GN636AV
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9000t (CTO) PC GN637AV
HP Pavilion Elite Media Center m9000z (CTO) PC GN638AV
HP Pavilion d4995t (CTO) home PC GN639AV
HP Pavilion a6210br home PC (Latin America) GN684AA
Pavilion g3001.uk Dekstop PC (U.K.) GQ428AAGQ428AAR
HP Pavilion s3200t (CTO) Slimline home PC GS220AV
HP Pavilion s3200z (CTO) Slimline home PC GS221AV
HP Pavilion g3100uk home PC (Asia EMEA) GS342AAGS342AAR
HP Pavilion g3100de home PC (EMEA) GS349AAGS349AAR
HP Pavilion a6303w home PC GX624AAGX624AAR
HP Pavilion a6345f home PC GZ614AAGZ614AAR
HP Pavilion g3200de home PC (EMEA) KB050AAKB050AAR
HP Pavilion d4996t home PC KC787AV
HP Pavilion g3150de home PC (EMEA) KE619AAKE619AAR
HP PS/2 two buttons ball scroll mouse KG095AV
HP Pavilion a6010br home PC (Latin America) RX874AA
HP Pavilion a6000n home PC RX885AARX885AAR
HP Pavilion a6030n home PC RX887AARX887AAR
HP Pavilion a6040n home PC RX889AARX889AAR
HP Pavilion s3020n Slimline home PC RX890AARX890AAR
HP Pavilion a6010n home PC RX900AARX900AAR
HP Pavilion a6019h home PC RY871AARY871AAR
HP Pavilion a6028x home PC RY873AARY873AAR
HP Pavilion a6042n home PC RY875AARY875AAR
HP Pavilion a6044xe home PC RY876AA
HP Pavilion a6045x home PC RY877AARY877AAR
HP Pavilion s3027c Slimline home PC RY882AARY882AAR
HP Pavilion s3023w Slimline home PC RZ389AARZ389AAR

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