HP 5070-1301 HP Wireless Keyboard (Bumblebee+) (with batteries included!!!) (Do not use rechargeable batteries)

HP 5070-1301 HP Wireless Keyboard (Bumblebee+) (with batteries included!!!)
HP 5070-1301 HP Wireless Keyboard (Bumblebee+) (with batteries included!!!)
Item# 50701301
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Product Description

HP Part number 5070-1301 is used in the product models listed below.

Product Model

HP Media Center m7357c home PC EL407AAEL407AAR
HP Media Center m7360n home PC EL409AAEL409AAR
HP Media Center m7367c home PC EL412AAEL412AAR
HP Pavilion a1355c home PC EL511AAEL511AAR
HP wireless keyboard plus wireless optical mouse ER141AV
HP Media Center m7457c home PC ER879AAER879AAR
HP Media Center m7467c home PC ER881AAER881AAR
HP Media Center m7480n home PC ER884AAER884AAR
HP Media Center m7490n home PC ER885AAER885AAR
HP Media Center m7434n home PC ER901AAER901AAR
HP Pavilion a1467c home PC ER906AAER906AAR
HP Pavilion s7515x Slimline home PC EX257AA
HP Pavilion s7527c Slimline home PC EX260AA
HP Pavilion a1587c home PC EX283AAEX283AAR
HP Media Center m7557c home PC EX327AAEX327AAR
HP Media Center m7567c home PC EX329AAEX329AAR
HP Media Center m7580n home PC EX332AAEX332AAR
HP Media Center m7590n home PC EX333AAEX333AAR
HP Media Center m7657c home PC RC640AARC640AAR
HP Media Center m7667c home PC RC643AARC643AAR
HP Media Center m7680n home PC RC647AARC647AAR
HP Media Center m7690n home PC RC648AARC648AAR
HP Media Center m7684n home PC RC649AARC649AAR
HP Pavilion a1677c home PC RC669AARC669AAR
HP Media Center m7760n home PC RK570AARK570AAR
HP Media Center m7780n home PC RK571AARK571AAR
HP Pavilion v5000JP CTO home PC (Asia Pacific) RK604AV
HP Pavilion a1777c home PC RN657AARN657AAR
HP Pavilion a1737c home PC RN663AARN663AAR
HP Media Center m7767c home PC RN665AARN665AAR
HP Media Center m7757c home PC RN667AARN667AAR
Wireless keyboard (Blue) - With receiver RP785AV
HP Pavilion Media Center w5630LA home PC RR543AARR543AAR
HP Pavilion s7712n Slimline home PC RT636AART636AAR
HP Pavilion a1767c home PC RT678AART678AAR
HP Media Center m7747c home PC RT680AART680AAR
HP Media Center m7763w home PC RT692AART692AAR

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